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USP 800 is a new United States Pharmacopeia general chapter (adoptd by OSHA) that defines the process intended to minimize the exposure to hazardous drugs(HD) in healthcare workplace. USP 800 applies to all healthcare personnel who handle hazardous drugs be it receiving, transporting, preparing or administering.

USP 800 states that wipe sampling should be performed at least every six months or as often as needed to verify if HD contamination exists within the facility. The areas of exposures that are most commonly seen start with the receiving of the incoming orders, to storage of the HD, to preparing the prescription, followed by administering the drugs (crushing tablets/opening capsules/expelling air from syringes/ infusion/ epidurals/oral treatment), finished with the cleaning of the areas where HD are present.

Analytics will supply the client with a sampling kit at no charge/free that contains all the supplies necessary to do the wipe sampling. Included in the kit will be the shipping container, prepaid shipping labels, chain of custody, swabs, sample vials, wetting agent, gloves and specimen bags.

Upon receiving the kits and preparing for sampling the first step is to put on the gloves, then wet one swab with the DI water that is supplied, swab at least a 10 cm x 10 cm area and up to one square foot if possible, then go back over the same area with the second dry swab, place both swabs into the plastic screw top vial, close and secure the vial with the label, fill out the chain of custody and place everything into the prepaid mailer and send it back to Analytics.

Analytics handles all of the testing related to USP800 HD such as 5-fluorouracil, cyclophosphamide doxorubicin, methotrexate, paclitaxel, as well as all of the platinum drugs and even hormones. Currently, Analytics can test for over 200 different active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and is continuing to develop new drugs as requested. Analytics reporting limit per USP800 is 1.00 ng/cm2 which were shown in some studies to result in uptake of the contamination.



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