Analytics currently employs 45 full time people in support of our mission. Over 70% of our employees hold a graduate, undergraduate, and/or technical degree. Analytics has over 1,000,000 hours of experience analyzing different chemical matrices. Additionally, our senior management staff each have over 15 years of experience in the field of analytical testing. Our staff capabilities and experience will always meet or exceed the required levels to perform your analyses. Analytics also has the personnel (e.g., Project Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Contract Administrators, Accounts Receivable/Payable Personnel, etc.) to handle all aspects of any size contract.


James McCarthy
Mr. McCarthy has over 30 years of laboratory experience and is currently handling the day-to-day general manager responsibilities (daily oversight) for Analytics. In this role, he has overall responsibility for all laboratory operations including scheduling, capacity planning, staffing, etc.  Prior to Analytics, Mr. McCarthy has had similar responsibilities (General Manager) with three (3) very large national laboratories.

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Jeffrey Spink
Mr. Spink has over 20 years of environmental laboratory experience and serves as CEO and owner of Analytics. He has served as the General Manager at three environmental testing laboratories and as vice president of sales and marketing for a clinical testing laboratory. Mr. Spink has been responsible for the development and implementation of specialized partnering relationship with commercial clients and has succeeded in establishing this arrangement with four major industrial clients.Prior to Analytics, Mr. Spink was the Vice President of CompuChem Environmental Corporation (a $15M laboratory) and was responsible for all business development activities including sales, marketing, customer service, and project management. He also served as the Executive Sponsor for 4 major industrial clients (whose programs produced annual revenues in excess of $4M), including an automotive company. Mr. Spink also served as Vice President and General Manager at IEA-North Carolina (a $10M business) from 1991 until 1994 and was responsible for the overall management of the environmental laboratory including sales, lab operations, QA/QC, new product development, human resources and finance. From 1989 until 1991, Mr. Spink was President and General Manager of ChemWest Analytical Laboratories and was responsible for the general management of the environmental ($5M) and forensic drug testing ($4M) laboratories.

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Jack Simila
Customer Service Manager
Mr. Simila has over 14 years of experience in sales and marketing, and 22 years of analytical laboratory experience. He is responsible for managing all aspects of the client services department.  In addition, Jack also manages the No Charge Loaner Pump Program.  Back to top

Andrew Teague, CIH
Technical Laboratory Director
Mr. Teague has over 22 years of analytical chemistry experience and is currently the Technical Laboratory Director.  Mr. Teague is also responsible for monitoring and directing the Quality Assurance Department. Other responsibilities will include establishing laboratory policies, developing and implementing new QA programs, maintaining documentation of all measurement procedures including those of subcontractors, and implementing or modifying analytical methods to conform with recognized standards.

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Dawn Casto, Environmental Technical Director

Chris Subhuti, Mold/Asbestos Technical Director

James A. Calpin, CIH
Technical Consultant
Mr. Calpin has 45 years experience in chemical related industries serving as an analytical chemist, process improvement chemist, and as laboratory director of a synthetic fibers division plant for Rohm and Haas Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Calpin transferred in 1975 to the corporate Industrial Hygiene department as Quality Assurance Manager of the Rohm and Haas Corporate Industrial Hygiene Laboratory. Mr. Calpin was instrumental in obtaining the laboratory’s accreditation by the American Industrial Hygiene Association. During his tenure at Rohm and Haas, Mr. Calpin organized and presented a training program for four European research and production facilities and set up a continuing quality performance program that exists today. In the American Industrial Hygiene Association, Mr. Calpin has been an active member of the Delaware Valley Section and is a charter member of the Central Virginia Section since its formation in 1981. Mr. Calpin served as an officer and director for five years and as President of this section in 1984. Mr. Calpin has served in various technical committees of the Association. He also was a reviewer for the American Industrial Hygiene Journal for five years and now reviews papers for the Applied Occupational and Environmental Journal. Mr. Calpin has presented numerous papers at the national meeting of the AIHA and has authored and co-authored several papers on the topic of analytical aspects of Industrial Hygiene.

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