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Analytics performs a variety of testing in compliance with ANSI/AAMI (American Association of Medical Instruments) 13959 Water for Hemodialysis and related therapies. Whether the client is testing for initial installation of a water treatment system or continual monitoring of water quality for use, Analytics can provide the required testing needs. Testing for the Microbiological requirements include Endotoxin and Total Bacteria as Heterotrophic Plate Count or HPC while the Chemical Contaminants includes various metals as well as Sulfate, Nitrate and Fluoride.

Analytics also offers testing in compliance with the AAMI TIR 34 standard for the Utility Water and Critical Water testing which include Hardness, Conductivity, pH, Chloride, Bacteria and Endotoxin.

Analytics’ custom reporting formats allow for a direct comparison to the maximum concentration limit (Action Level) as well as notification at the warning limits as described by the standard.

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