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Analytics Corporation participates in external proficiency testing with AIHA-LAP, NVLAP, round robin programs and stringent internal quality control and quality assurance protocols:

Asbestos PLM

· EPA/600/R-93/116
· EPA-600/M4-82-020
· 400 Point Count
· 1000 Point Count

Asbestos PCM Fiber count

· NIOSH 7400A and NISOH 7400B

Asbestos TEM

· AHERA (40 CFR Part 763, Subpart E, Appendix A)

Mold Spore Trap

· Identification and enumeration of spores per cubic meter for all brands of spore traps including Air-O-Cell, Allergenco-D, Micro-5,
· Expanded Particulate analysis on spore traps for total dander, cellulose, fiberglass fibers, insect parts, mineral particles, opaque particles and pollen counts per cubic meter

Mold Bulk/Tape/Surface

· Genus Identification with Quantitative or Qualitative enumeration of spores

Particle Analysis via Light, PLM and TEM

· Quantitative and Qualitative material characterization by PLM and Light
· Particle chemical x-ray analysis and imaging by TEM

Particle Size and Distribution Analysis

· Measuring particles in difference ranges to produce a size ratios in a given material
· Size limit 1 micron

AIHA Certification

Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

Maryland Drinking Water Certification

North Carolina Drinking Water Certification

NVLAP PLM / TEM Certification

Virginia Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program

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